Licensed Private Investigator in the State of California, license #24291. Active member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI). Member of thePIGroup.


38 year old mother and wife living in San Diego, California, USA. Technophile. Geek. Gamer. Puzzle solver.

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Truth exists independently from observation.

Schrödinger’s cat cannot be both alive and dead. It’s one or the other; not both. You might be pregnant or you might not. Before you take the pregnancy test and reveal the truth, the truth is there – existing without your knowledge. The same would be true of the existence of, what I call, UNKNOWN VALUES (UV). UV’s include ghosts, spirits, angels, gods, demons, aliens, some sort of inter-dimensional beings, Bigfoot, etc. A UV is something we don’t fully understand or have difficulty documenting. You could make up the characteristics of a UV right now, all on your own. Maybe it exists, maybe it doesn’t.

The goal is to turn Unknown Values (UV’s) into KNOWN VALUES (KV). A KV is something we can describe and witness with consistency. People, animals, trees, buildings… All of these are contained within the KNOWN WORLD (KW). The KW has a fluctuating boundary. It consists of most of the planet Earth, the Moon, and some parts of space. It is limited in distance outward by the probes we send. It is limited by the distance inward based on the extent of magnification technology. The KW is based on what we can observe, with or without the assistance of machines, and includes that which can be irrefutably inferred (however uncommon that is).

Something is deemed “REAL” (and goes from being an Unknown Value to a Known Value) if it can be consistently and repetitively observed by several individuals and is consistent with the laws of nature as we know them at this time. If data suggests something previously uncategorized, room for further analysis and adoption of new standards must be explored.

Observations by each individual are filtered through their experiences, their prejudices, and their beliefs (or desire to believe). This is why repetition, duplication, and documentation is so vital.