Investigative Report: Elisa Lam

<tdwidth=”20%”>Date of Birth:

Date of Incident/Last Seen: January 31, 2013 (Seen at “The Last Bookstore“)
February 1, 2013 (Seen on Cecil Hotel Surveillance)
Recovered/Discovered/Returned: February 21, 2013 (Discovered deceased)
Event Location/Last Known Location: Cecil Hotel
640 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90014
New Name: Stay On Main
Note: Closed for 2-year renovation as of 03/2017
Aliases: Cantonese Name – Lam Ho Yi
Nicknames: L.L.
Usernames: @lambetes (Twitter)
Websites & Social Media:!/user/mariniere/timeline/responses
* Unavailable since Twoo rebranding
April 30, 1991
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Names of Relatives:

Event Summary

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Involved Parties

Bernard Diaz 89 Years Old. Lived at the Cecil for 32 years. Told the LA Times that he heard a ‘tremendous’ racket on his floor above him the night Lam disappeared. He said the floor also experience flooding that night. “They said there was some obstruction to the drain between the third and fourth floor,” Mr Diaz told the Times.
Katie Orphan Owns The Last Bookstore. Said that Elisa was speaking loudly to customers and seemed like she would not leave them alone on 01/31/2013.